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How many miles do you need for a free flight on Alaska?

It is easy for you to plan out the number of miles you need for a free flight with Alaska Airlines, even if youre planning to book with one of its partners. At the domestic level, Alaska Airlines has four-categories: hop, skip, jump, and leap. Weve explained each category below:

Hop - Flights of 700 miles or lesser, cost 5,000 to 30,000 miles

Skip - Flights of (701 - 1,400) miles, cost 7,500 to 30,000 miles

Jump - Flights of (1,401 - 2,100) miles, cost 10,000 to 40,000 miles

Leap - Flights of 2,101 miles or more, cost 12,500 to 50,000 miles

At the International level, each partner Airline of Alaska Airline employs a distinct Award Chart that may seem baffling. To keep this issue at a bay, it is advisable to use a handy search tool by Alaska Airline that permits you to look up award flights with their entire airline partners; excluding LATAM & Cathay Pacific.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan program has several twists. We recommend looking at important points before proceeding to avail of the miles. Here, weve listed the key points to be kept in mind. Call Alaska Airlines Official Site Number.

Rules when redeeming Alaska Airlines miles-

One Stopover on each one-way ticket (some warnings included)

One of the most promising features of the Alaska Airline Mileage Plan is the Stopover allowance. You are allowed to include one stopover (no limit on your stay duration) on each one-way ticket. However, here comes a key warning, if you are booking with a partner airline, your stopover needs to be in one of its hubs. The good part is, if you are booking two stopovers on a round trip ticket you get three cities for the price of one. You can easily avail of the stopover trips by calling Alaska Airlines (call charges apply).

Book one Partner Airline per award flight

One award ticket can be only used with a single partner airline. You cannot book multiple partner airlines with an award flight. If you desired to book British Airways from New York - London and then London - Iceland from Iceland air, you have to book and pay for two separate award tickets. However, if you are flying Alaska Airline domestically, getting to a departure point for a partner airline will not be counted as one award ticket. In simple terms, you can book a flight that goes from Houston Los Angeles on Alaska Airlines and further from Los Angeles Fiji on Fiji Airlines, for one award flight.

Applicable Taxes and fees

Alaska Airlines levies a partner booking fee of $12.50 and a call center fee of $15. Only call center fees is chargeable if you reserve a flight on the phone instead of getting the same online. However, for some award flights redeeming by phone is the only available option.


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